So welcome to a blog that I hope to find the time to keep up. Though I do enjoy writing, and I adore motorcycling, I haven’t worked out writing while on a bike. Because, well, that would just be less than intelligent. Riding a motorcycle requires our full attention, which is something I will certainly dive into in future posts, as I am a firm believer that reducing risk is as much about the choices we make as the physical skills we develop. But I digress.

In coming posts, I intend to address a myriad of topics, and likely just ramble a bit too. So if you have a topic you would like addressed, or have something you’d like to share about motorcycling, please reach out and we’d be happy to publish from quality contributors. One rule though… positive and value add for others. There are plenty of places on the web to rant or find horror stories about motorcycling. This is not one of those places. As riders we have enough garbage to deal with, I personally don’t need to litter my blog, my company, or my mind with it if I have a choice.

If you’ve read my bio, you know I am an avid rider, with adventure touring, big km’s, and discovery as my primary passion. I love the track, the close to home rides, even commuting, but my soul is right with the world when wandering somewhere, off to nowhere in particular, on 2 wheels. Getting lost on a bike is the ultimate for me. I will try to offer as much perspective I can as I myself continue to learn and grow, but I felt it important to know what sort of grounds ME on a bike.