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Why Biker Basics Rider Training for your licence?………

…….. because we are flexible with scheduling and you will receive instruction with no more than 2 others in your class. We specialise in 1 on 1, or up to 2 or 3 students. We don’t do large classes. Bill has extensive experience teaching larger groups, but has found the 1-1, 1-2, or 1-3 ratios to work best for students. This allows us to respond directly and quickly to your learning style. Weaknesses and strengths will be rapidly identified, the information modified to suit, and the training will be more enjoyable and effective as a result!

When we say we are flexible with scheduling, we mean we will work with you on the days/times that will work best for your schedule, to the best of our ability. We do have strict guidelines with TMR with respect to # of hours that must be spent, and how long you are allowed to complete, but we do not currently set hard and fast class dates/times and demand you accommodate. We know many have varying work schedules and hours, so we will do our best to accommodate to ensure you are able to be fresh and ready for learning when you attend.

The bottom line… with Biker Basics Rider Training you will get excellent training, flexible scheduling, and individualised help where needed, all at an excellent price!

We will supply bike, jacket, gloves and helmet. We need you in long pants and covered shoes, and also bring your driver’s licence for ID. Though not mandatory, we do prefer long sleeves as well for modules when we are in the sun but not actively riding. 

Additional education

It is important to note that you can get lessons outside of the state enforced curriculum. Even if you already have a licence we may be able to help you with any problems that you have, or simply assist in elevating your confidence. We are avid learners ourselves, continually improving our own skills. We believe in never ceasing to learn and grow. For decades, there was little to no education, so many middle-aged riders simply are not aware of what they don’t know. Don’t let your ego stop you from pursuing some education to identify where your weaknesses (and strengths) are. We all have them, at every level. Even Valentino Rossi has a coach.

MotoMentor (25 hours) $999*

This includes:

12 Hour Pre learner course;

5 hours of road riding, 1-1 with instructor during your 3 month Learner period;

8 Hour RE QRIDE (at the completion of your 3 month learner period);

(A saving of $300 from individually purchased courses)

*When booking MotoMentor, book your Pre-Learner course and check the box for MotoMentor when filling in your details.

PRE-LEARNER COURSE (12 hours) $599 full course

This is where you begin your motorcycling journey.

You will learn all the basics of riding a motorcycle safely and with control, and introduce you to roadcraft concepts. Even returning riders find the fundamentals we teach here to be very valuable. You would be surprised how many experienced riders do not possess strong fundamentals. We’ll start you off far better than we were sent on our riding journeys!

At the end of the course (spread over 2 – 4 days depending on your availability), you are eligible to sit the motorcycle knowledge test.

Successful completion of the knowledge test and paying of the fee (prices listed on Transport website) will give you a Learner permit for Restricted (LAMS) motorcycles. (Learner licence rules here)

RE-QRIDE (8.5 hours) $399

*After three months of holding your learner’s permit, you are eligible to sit the RE QRIDE.

You will be assessed on road-craft knowledge, slow riding skills, motorcycle control and a 2 hour road ride.

Successful completion of this course will allow to upgrade your licence and ride without a supervisor on a restricted (LAMS) motorcycle.

This course can be run over 2 sessions to avoid fatigue:
Saturdays from 7am – 11am or 12pm – 4pm (Training ground modules);
Sundays from 7am – 11am or 12pm – 4pm for road riding and course close.

You have 30 days to complete all of the modules in the course, so we have some flexibility in the delivery.

R-QRIDE (3.5 hours) $199 ($249 on our bikes)

*After 2 years of holding your open or provisional RE licence, you are eligible to sit the R QRIDE.

You will be assessed on road-craft knowledge, motorcycle control and a 2 hour road ride.

Successful completion of this course will allow to upgrade your licence and ride without a supervisor on any motorcycle.

This course will be run over 1 session.


Lessons are tailored to you, whatever your level of experience. Individual lessons are a terrific way to get a refresher, work on something you’re struggling with, move to another level, or simply get some riding in with someone trained to spot the details. 1-2 hours in a session is generally very adequate for most riders, as we will give you plenty to think about and work on. This rate is for ON ROAD time.

LEARNER RIDER SUPERVISING $50/HR (follow you to work etc, no bike supplied)

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