About us (Bill and Grant)

We are Bill Savage and Grant Jordan, and together we own and coach here at Biker Basics Rider Training, though Grant is stepping away from licensing for now to focus on individual, private coaching and his duties as head coach with motoDNA.

Our mission is to create life-long riders by infusing a higher level of skill and road craft with the current state enforced curriculum, and provide plenty of real world perspective and information as people who have chosen motorcycling as a lifestyle. We will arm you not only with physical skills on the bike, but the information you need to make good decisions that will better your chances of staying safe.

This is a local small business offering motorcycle tuition in Redcliffe and the surrounding suburbs. Bill can deliver Q-Ride and get you on the road with your Learner (L), restricted (RE) or unrestricted (R) motorcycle license.

Bill’s background:

My long history with motorcycles (If I divulge the years you might guess my age) started like many, as a kid riding a small dirt bike around the fields near my home, graduating to larger bikes as I got older, though somehow the taller thing didn’t happen so well for me! I did some racing prior to and after the military. One perspective you’ll get from me is that of a short rider tackling big, heavy bikes. This has been very valuable to many female riders.

On the road I’ve owned and ridden all types of bikes, and keep a healthy and diverse stable of them for myself and my wife, who is also an avid rider. Harleys, different sized Adventure bikes, sport bikes, tourers, even a couple vespas at one point, because well, ‘ya gotta try everything at least once. I keep a motorcycle in the USA, where I am originally from. These days, in addition to track coaching with Grant at motoDNA, I ride for adventure tour companies like Compass Expeditions and Nevermind Adventures.  In addition to these tours, I organise and lead custom tours in various parts of the world, particularly USA for Australians wanting to experience some of it on 2 wheels. A 6,000 – 10,000km ride is very commonplace for me.

When I am not teaching or leading a tour, I wander the planet on a bike. Adventure riding & touring for me is my soul expressing itself the best way possible. Meeting new people, seeing new places, having new experiences is living life. One of these days this website will be gone, along with me. You’ll need to get on a bike and play detective to ever find me. My newest venture,    MotoRooms will be what allows me to ride off to explore the nooks and crannies of the world.

I’m an accredited Trainer and Assessor and authorised motorcycle instructor in Qld. I do other advanced training and will be opening an Adventure riding school as well. I live my life on a motorcycle, so what you get from me is not purely theoretical.

I look forward to meeting you, answering your questions, and guiding you onto your motorcycling path, whatever that path may be.

Keep the rubber side down, my moto loving friends!


Grant’s background:

My history with motorcycles goes back to riding miniature bikes around farms as a child, slowly graduating to larger 250cc and 400cc dirt bikes as a teenager.

As a road rider I have owned many different motorcycles and ridden in many different situations. From riding Rocket III power cruisers through Alpine Highways, riding Postie bikes through the outback, scooters around Fiji and riding R1’s to LAMS bikes around race tracks, I have a diverse riding experience to draw from.

I am two time Australian FX250 Road Race Champion (both ASC and Swann Series), achieved 2nd place in the ASBK 250 Production class, a regular track rider and a lover of touring the back roads.

I am a qualified Trainer and Assessor and an authorised motorcycle instructor in QLD. I am also a coach with motoDNA delivering advanced riding training at Lakeside, Norwell Motorplex, and Sydney Motorsport Park.

I look forward to meeting you and kick starting your riding career. It is an incredible world on two wheels and I’d love to help you explore and enjoy it.


Grant J