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Our Courses

R Class (Any bike)

Get riding your dream machine by completing the R Class QRIDE


RE Class (LAMS)

Get riding unsupervised by completing the RE QRIDE.



The starting point of riding in QLD. A 2 day course teaching you all the basics


Get your Q-Ride here at home on the Redcliffe Peninsula!!

Let me help you achieve your RE or R class motorcycle license with a tailored training package. You can be an off road rider or a complete novice, all you need is your learner permit, long pants, boots, and a desire to learn. I will give you the knowledge, skills and road craft to have a life-long motorcycle career.

Returning to riding after a couple of years out of the saddle?

If there are a couple of cobwebs on the licence, leathers and helmet due to lack of use, a 1 on 1 lesson is perfect for getting the mind back in ride mode. Many aspects of riding motorcycles have changed in the recent years. Don’t let something small, either forgotten or never known, cut short your come back to the wonderful world of motorcycling.

Completed your Q-Ride but still feel lost behind the bars?

Not everyone can pick up on the many tricks to safely ride a motorcycle in just 5 hours of a Q-Ride. You may have passed the test but when you get on your own bike you can still feel lost or unsure about what to do and when to do it. This is nothing to be ashamed of, but ignoring the feeling and not asking for help can leave you more than just red faced. Give me a call to organise a meet up on a ride for some tips.

Trading up?

You’ve done your time on the LAMs and you think you are ready for the wolves… But do you know what over 150 horse power feels like on a motorcycle and how you can manage it safely on the road? There is a good chance it has been many years since you last completed formal training, come get some tips on advanced road riding techniques to ensure you, your bike and your licence live happily ever after.